I love infographics.  Part of the reason that I adore The Oatmeal’s comic style is that much of it is in infographic form.  Infographics are a brilliant way of communicating ideas and I envy the graphic designers that have the creativity to make them.  While the majority of infographics are created for fairly dry topics, there are a few designers applying this form of creation to more entertaining topics; many pop culture related.

For instance, how better to end the Aliens versus Predator debate than a giant infographic explaining how each species would fare over a few days of fighting.  The designer is Stephen Taubman, who is a self-declared Aliens fanboy.  Not only is how bloodshed plays out accurately depicted, he even includes handy tips for humans in case you come into contact with an Alien or Predator.  😉

Painstakingly created for music lovers, this metro map design covers eight different different genres of rock spread over the decades.  Each line is in chronologically order and intersects at points where the genres collide.  The artist, Alberto Antoniazzi, is a graphic artist specializing in logos, t-shirt designs and other illustrations.  Click Below for the Full Resolution:

Check out a little nod to all the Saved by the Bell fans out there.  Do you recall Jessie Spano’s terrifying plummet into the harsh, painful world of caffeine addiction?  😉  Nathaniel James does.  This hilarious infographic details the caffeine intake of Ms. Spano as the episode progresses.

Last but not least, take a look at this amazing infographic that explains the physics behind an unintentionally hilarious scene in an absolutely horrific movie, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.  The designer, again Stephen Taubman, detailed exactly how a massive 240 foot shark would be able to get enough speed up to launch itself in the air  and destroy an entire passenger jet.  Wow…

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