Part of my job is to manage a handful of company brand pages, some more successful than others due to the demographic of the readership.  As I work with Facebook brand pages all day, it has become very obvious to me that the majority of brand / fan pages are clueless when it comes to attracting more fans effectively and efficiently.  Here are 5 reasons why those pages aren’t as successful as they could be.

  • You Haven’t Registered Your Custom Username Yet. Assigning a username to your Facebook page couldn’t be simpler. You type in www.facebook.com/username and click on “Set a Username” for your pages.  You would be surprised how many pages (small and large) neglect to make their brand page more easily accessible to someone typing in a URL.  And, unsurprisingly, the Google ranking for the page rises.
  • You Are Letting New Visitors Land On The Wall. The great thing about creating a brand page is having the ability to direct new  Facebook visitors to another starting point rather than the wall.   By sending them to a simple tab that you design (with a application tool like Static FBML) , you can welcome them with elements of your website / brand rather than a stream of wall posts.  Even smarter, you can lay out a clear path to becoming a fan.  For Example:

  • You Haven’t Designed a Custom User Picture. While Facebook is some what limited in design choices, you can work within the constraints of Facebook’s profile picture requirements to blend into the design.  Take a look at  5 Creative Ways to Hack Your Facebook Profile Photo to get started.  I’m a fan of simply placing your logo beneath the blue line and seamlessly blending into the page.
  • You Overwhelm Your Wall With a Busy RSS Stream.  This is a terrible way to treat your fans.  Each post that you make shows up in their Facebook stream.  Sending 15 to 20 posts a day into their stream is rude and defeats the purpose of the wall.  Take the courteous route and create a separate tab for your RSS feed.  Send only your best content onto the Wall to spur conversations.
  • You Are Missing From The Discussion.  The whole point of having a Facebook page to promote yourself or your company is to create an open dialog about your brand.  This means you need to join the conversation on a meaningful level.  A Facebook Page isn’t designed for a one-way discussion.  It’s not a page to blast out a press release and ignore the responses.  In order to truly build a dedicated, loyal fan base, you need to become active in the discussion.

Tackle these five aspects of your Facebook brand page and you will be well on your way to building a solid readership of Facebook fans.  Check out 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page to grab some great tools for building more functionality to your Facebook Brand Page.

34 years old, Blogger, Consumer Electronics Guru and Social Media Junkie. I work as a content and social media manager in the day, write about the digital age at night and spend the rest of my time with my beautiful fiance!

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