I use a handful of tech oriented websites on a daily basis (for my job).  Outside of the realm of strictly tech, here are some lesser known, but extremely useful sites that I utilize constantly during my day.

Fav4 (link)

The concept of this website couldn’t be simpler (and likely borrows a page from the bottom menu on the iPhone).  The site allows you to choose 4 websites and displays them in the form of large icons.  It’s ideal for a starting home page.  My only caveat is that it doesn’t accept custom icons for any other site.  But it has an excellent selection of social sharing sites to choose from.

Popurls (link)

There are plenty of link aggregators on the web, but this is one of my favorites.  It combines all the popular social voting sites on the web and lists the trending news for the day at the top of the page.  It has a variety of customization options and  follows a variety of unique voices on the web.

Lifehacker   (link)

This blog contains a variety of posts to make your life a bit simpler.  Everything from web tools to financial tips to household design ideas are posted on the site.  It’s a wide mix, but ideally posted to spark time saving ideas in your own daily habits.

TeuxDeux   (link)

I have far too much to do; mostly at work, but also at home.   I’ve hated the majority of the to-do lists apps that I’ve seen, but TeuxDeux is fantastic in its minimalism.   The tasks move from day to day, if you forget to complete them.  It’s been very helpful in remembering little jobs over the past couple of weeks.

34 years old, Blogger, Consumer Electronics Guru and Social Media Junkie. I work as a content and social media manager in the day, write about the digital age at night and spend the rest of my time with my beautiful fiance!

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